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touch screen displays Touch Screen Displays
Small Projective Capacitive Touch Screen Projected Capacitive
glass resistive touch Resistive Touch Screens
touch screen controllers Touch Screen Controllers
Haptic Enabled Touch Screens Haptic Touch Screens
TFT displays TFT Displays
touch screen displays Touch Screen Displays
TFT displays RipDraw USB, HDMI TFTs
OLED displays Full Colour OLED
lcd modules Mono Graphic LCD Modules
Negative-Mode-LCD-Modules Negative Mode LCDs
OLED displays Mono PMOLED
Alphanumeric OLEDS Alphanumeric PMOLED
segmented glass displays Segment TN Glass
Custom LCDs Custom LCD Modules
Custom LCD Glass Examples Custom OLED
Custom LCD Glass Examples Custom TN LCD Glass
optical bonding SolisBond® Optical Bonding
ITO Clear Screen Heaters Clear Screen Heaters
examlpe LCD display Projects Example Projects
LCD Module R&D Facilities R&D Facilities
GUI Design Tools RipDraw® GUI Tools
Custom LCD Glass Examples HDMI, USB & Serial Touch TFTs USB-HDMI-TFT-Displays
Custom LCD Glass Examples RipDraw® TFT
  Development Kits

LCD Module, Custom LCD Module, TFT Displays, OLED Displays, LCD Glass and Touch Screens perform a critical role in a world where consumer demand for information display is growing rapidly. Densitron LCD Modules, TFT Modules and OLED Modules to ensure that the display solution brings the product capabilities to life. Densitron actively works with our client partners to deliver exciting affordable LCD Module, LCD Display, TFT Display, OLED Display, Touch Screen and LCD Backlight product display solutions for the designs of tomorrow.

With extensive experience in design and manufacture of Standard and Custom LCD, TFT, FSTN, STN, TN, OLED, LED Backlight and Touch Screen display modules our proactive appraoch to module development can provide a partial or even a complete assembly where appropriate.

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