PaPiRus, is a Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!


Working with Densitron Displays, PaPiRus developer has created a versatile ePaper display HAT for the Raspberry Pi with screens ranging from 1.44" to 2.7" in size. 

The PaPiRus HAT compatible display breakout is suitable for engineers who want to start evaluating ePaper displays in their Raspberry Pi developments.


Features offered include:- 
• Raspberry Pi HAT compliant design 
• Interchangeable screen sizes (1.44”, 2.0” or 2.7”) 
• 32Mbit Flash Memory 
• Battery Backed Real Time Clock (CR2032 battery included) 
• Easy Plug and play operation with on-board EEPROM 
• Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog 
• GPIO breakout connector and solder pads 
• Optional reset pin header (for wake on alarm with RTC) 
• 4 x optional slim line switches on top 
• Suitable for 3V3 or 5V power and logic – use with RasPi, Arduino, BeagleBone and many more 

About PaPiRus: Creator Mr Shaw has been designing and manufacturing hardware for the Raspberry Pi for the last two years. He also regularly writes about RasPi and electronic products for respected magazines Raspberry Pi Geek and Linux User and Developer. 

About Densitron: Densitron is a global public company with its headquarters in the UK. Densitron has for over 40 years designed and supplied innovative display and associated electronics to a world-wide market place. We have local engineers knowledgeable about our display offerings and how best to the drive them.