Densitron today announces two new E-paper products to add to its growing range. These are the first two products in the Spectra family of three-pigment, black, white and red EPDs. With increasing demand for EPD’s offering additional colour as a means of drawing attention to specific messages on a device or signage, these new products are ideally suited to industrial, smart card, signage and identification badge applications.

The Spectra EPD is an active matrix TFT glass substrate display with a super-wide viewing angle of 180 degrees. Two sizes of Spectra EPD are currently available: E2287ES051 is a 2.87” display providing a resolution of 296 x 128 and pixel density of 112 dpi, and the larger E2417ES053 is a 4.2” display with 400 x 300 resolution figure and 120 dpi high pixel density. In both displays the pixel arrangement is vertical and the surface of the display features an anti- glare treatment. Accordingly, Spectra EPDs are able to display fine graphics and patterns, maximising visibility, recognition and impact.


Extra thin and very light, Spectra EPD uses a SPI interface and features a fine-tuned embedded waveform for exceptional optical performance. The embedded waveform can be custom configured to meet the needs of different customers and applications. Due to their bi-stable nature, Spectra EPD panels require very little power to update and use zero power to maintain an image. The displays are able to operate over an ambient temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees and breakage detection is supported.

Thomas Walker, Densitron’s Product Manager for E-paper comments, “Spectra is a striking addition to our E-paper product line, allowing important messages or areas anywhere on the display to be highlighted with a bold red colour. An integrated embedded waveform means the optical performance is pre-optimised, allowing the user to focus solely on their product development.”

These displays are available in the EMEA region, and pricing and samples are available upon request. Please follow the link for more information.