Lectrosonics Case Study

Setting industry standards through a commitment to quality and innovation has seen Lectrosonics establish a well-respected reputation for wireless microphones and audio processing products throughout the film, broadcast and live production industries.  Pushing boundaries and delivering ground-breaking technology for mission-critical applications is nothing new for Lectrosonics and the launch of its new Duet digital wireless Monitor (IEM) System, which includes Densitron’s full colour TFT displays marks yet another significant step in bringing cutting-edge, modern-day technology into its latest ‘in ear’ audio monitoring solutions.


For Derek Jasnoch, Electronic Design Engineer at Lectrosonics, it was essential that the advanced audio technology of the Duet’s M2T dual-stereo half-rack transmitter station unit was complimented by an up to date, full colour intuitive display that would offer a simple, yet highly visual user interface. 


“Making the departure from the traditional simple functionality of monochrome visuals to full colour, high resolution displays was a key requisite,” explains Derek.  “Not only that, we wanted to ensure our highly advanced audio equipment was supported by a modern and enhanced operator experience that would reflect our new best-in-class wireless monitoring solution.”


Derek and the Lectrosonic team wanted to replicate the consumer’s ease and familiarity of high quality colour graphics used extensively in smartphones, tablets and electronic devices in its latest technical offering.  “We have all come to expect quality colour displays in the gadgets we use in our everyday lives, so it made perfect sense to replicate this in our latest production equipment to significantly improve operator experience for the sound engineers,” continues Derek.


With a reputation for quality and reliability, Lectrosonics sought a partner that it could rely on to provide a top class full colour display offering exceptional visual clarity.  In addition, due to the varied nature of live performances, concerts, touring bands and open-air productions, they needed a display that would be fully readable in a wide range of conditions, from darker backstage environments to the challenges of working in direct sunlight for outside broadcasts.


“Having worked with Densitron’s monochrome displays for several years, and always found them to be robust and reliable we were confident that their products would perform to the highest standards we needed.  In addition, the ongoing support and advice from the Densitron team ensured we had access to their latest display technology and undertook several tests for us to demonstrate its performance in a range of challenging working environments.  The wide viewing angles, high contrast, clarity and visual impact of the TFT colour displays were just what we were looking for, and have contributed significantly to the modern look and feel of our latest wireless IEM monitor solution.”


Concludes Derek, “When we embarked on the development of the ‘Duet’ wireless monitor IEM solution, we had a clear goal in mind – to offer the very best audio and sound monitoring solution with a user interface that would reflect its superior quality and leading edge technology, and this meant migrating to colour.”


“Thanks to the Densitron colour TFT displays, we have been able to launch the industry’s first ever solution offering full colour displays and graphics.  From the interest and reaction we have received to date, we believe this highly visual style of user interface will be the way forward and will eventually become commonplace in future audio production technologies.”

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