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Ten point colour touch solution

A short video illustrating how the latest display technology on offer from Densitron accommodates the 10 point touch technology in full colour

Broadcast capabilities

Densitron's broadcast capabilities

Optical Bonding process

A short video illustrating how optical bonding takes place on our displays

Useful Documents

Haptics White Paper

A white paper on Haptics

OLED Connector Design guidance

oLED connector design guidance

OLED Preventing Cross Talk

OLED preventing cross talk

OLED Technology Overview

OLED technology overview

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Our FAQs

What is the power consumption of an OLED display?

OLEDs only use power when a pixel is illumated, so lower pixel counts reduce power consumption. It is typically in the region of 50mA.

What is Chip-On-Board (COB)?

Chip-On-Board is the construction method where the LCD driver wafer is mounted on the PCB with contacts facing up. The contacts are then wire bonded to the PCB pads, followed by a complete epoxy encapsulation for a hermetic seal.

What is Chip-on-Glass (COG)?

Chip-On-Glass is the mounting of the LCD IC directly onto the ledge of the LCD glass itself. The IC is bonded with an anisotropic conductive film (ACF), which facilitates the mechanical adhesion, as well as the conduction from the IC to the glass.

What types of interfaces are available for LCD Controllers?

Most LCD controllers can be interfaced by an 8-bit, 4-bit, or 2-bit I2C, or 1-bit interface.

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Download Spec: OLED Technology Overview

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