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  • Size (inches): 1.54
  • Dimension WxHxD (mm): 31.50 x 35.00 x 2.03
  • Resolution: 240 x 240
  • TFT Interface: SPI
  • Controller: ST7789V
  • Viewing Angle (U/D/L/R): 80/80/80/80
  • Brightness (cd/m2): 350
  • Features: High Brightness, IPS, Slim profile

Densitron has produced a comprehensive line-up of TFT displays that benefits from high resolution and exceptional contrast ratio of IPS technologies, making them ideal for instrumentation and portable medical applications. The excellent readability, high brightness and rugged design of our TFTs suit applications such as POS terminals, vending and ticketing machines, bank ATMs and monitors in automotive and marine dashboards.

Coupled with fast response time, ultra wide viewing angle and wide operating temp, these popular sized TFTs best match entertainment and broadcast equipment.

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Wide Range of Applications

TFT displays can be used in high ambient light conditions without any loss of contrast or viewing angle. The modules’ ability to offer high contrast, crisp images in all lighting conditions make them perfect for many applications, for instance: marine, ticketing machines and automotive-earth moving equipment.

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We have invested in R&D facilities and staff to deliver unrivalled service in our industry


We have invested in tools to assist you with evaluation, prototype and production


The Densitron/Quixant group has over 43 years experience as a global display company

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We work with our clients to deliver an end-to-end service from concept to total solution

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Both semi-customising and a full custom service is available to our customers


Cover Lens and Optical Bonding

Custom cover lens with PMMA or Glass

Solisbond®, Densitron's optical bonding service

High Contrast

High Contrast

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Download Spec: DMT015QVNSNT0-1A

Download (2.41mb)