Wohler Technologies Case Study


US based Wohler Technologies, manufacturer of award winning equipment for advanced monitoring of video, audio and data, chose Densitron to provide the high quality and reliable display solutions needed in a number of its world-leading products. Predominantly used in the media and entertainment industry by world recognised broadcasters, in media production facilities, movie studios and outside broadcast trucks, reliability is critical to a successful event. Jerry Kocher, Vice President of Operations at Wohler explains, “We have been manufacturing solutions in this space for over 30 years, but last year we were developing a new series of products within our iAM family of intelligent, adaptable, rack mount monitoring equipment – the iAM-AUDIO and iAM-VIDEO.


These world-first signal- and data-monitoring devices provide broadcasters, OB operators, and studio facilities, network-enabled features and an ability to monitor a range of signals including MPEG2/4 and Audio and Video over IP.” www.densitron.com He adds, “After discussion with Densitron, they provided us with a range of 4.3” and 7” TFT LCD’s integrated with capacitive touchscreen and gasket, and 0.49” mono white PMOLED display indicators, that offered the high specifications we were looking for, and working together we were able to define a solution that would offer end users a totally reliable display for monitoring and mixing.”


Wohler’s cost-effective solutions ensure reliable signal monitoring and correction in multiple form factors. Its products are recognised as the industry standard for television stations, television sporting event producers, and other broadcasters to validate the existence and quality of a broadcasted analogue, digital, standard-definition, or high-definition audio or video signal.


As well as the iAM series, other Wohler products are also built using Densitron displays, including its AMP1-16V series, AMP1-16-M and AMP1-8-M Multi-Channel Audio Monitoring & Metering Systems which use a Densitron 2.4” IPS LCD Integrated with capacitive touchscreen and gasket.


Jerry continues, “Densitron offered a number of solutions of exceptional quality and reliability - which is of utmost importance to us. Our end users expect the very best and that is what they are getting. With world-leading products and solutions we can’t afford to have any reliability issues in the displays which are providing the visual, and critical information to the user, and Densitron has delivered solutions which perfectly match this requirement. Without the displays from Densitron and the first-class advice they have given us, we would have had to continue our search for the perfect fit for our new models. We hope to continue a long a fruitful partnership with them.”


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