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Densitron launches unique 2.4’’ IPS Industrial, Optically Bonded TFT Touch Module

Today, Densitron announces the latest addition to its portfolio of successful IPS Industrial TFTs, a versatile projected capacitive sensor variant.

This 2.4 inch touch module uses Densitron’s trademark Solisbond® solution for optical bonding to the TFT. It’s high quality finish allows operation with gloved touch, making it suitable for a host of applications from rack mount, through to industrial handheld, in a variety of market sectors from broadcast to medical.

Offering interchangeable orientation, in either landscape or portrait format, with no loss of optical quality, the IPS glass used also provides exceptional contrast ratio and visual clarity, even in bright lighting. Globally, modules of this small size format are intrinsically transient, with questionable longevity, owing to their consumer market origin. Densitron however, promotes long term supply and availability, through management of the mother glass inventory and in-house module design.

Luo Luo, Global Product Manager for TFTs at Densitron, comments, “Our engineering team has the ability to customise the cover lens of the PCT Sensor to suit a customer’s requirements. These could include bespoke shapes, cut-outs, silk screen border designs, rugged, chemically strengthened glass and enhanced surface treatments, with flexibly low minimum order quantities (MOQs) to suit typical SME volumes.”

He continues, “The unparalleled optical performance and gloved touch operation of this 2.4” PCT TFT module provides a compelling, cost effective and stable solution for design engineers. Our team is on hand to help new customers with integration, providing initialisation codes and hardware schematics where needed.”

Successful implementations to date include in the broadcast sector, with audio rack mount production, where the IPS all-round viewing angles and high contrast are a necessity. Handheld instrumentation OEM’s have also widely adopted the Densitron 2.4’’ IPS TFT standard, incorporating applications where strict quality control is required - such as in medical and intrinsically safe development.


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