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Densitron launches unique new range of Touch OLEDs

Densitron today announces a unique new range of PMOLED touch modules. The company’s 3.12” Touch OLEDs are available in blue, white, green and yellow. These industrial grade displays have an extremely high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and are typically used in applications requiring a 1U rack, for example in the audio-video sector.  With their letterbox style display which can accommodate a large amount of graphic and text information, many of the products in the range also offer a dramatic improvement on lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. The Touch OLEDS are also available with optical bonding should that be an end user requirement.

Designed initially around the popular industrial 256x64 PMOLED modules, the PCT sensor in the modules uses the latest in IC design from Focaltech, delivering single or gesture touch response within a compact design footprint totalling only 3.58 mm overall thickness.

Bazile Peter, Global Product Manager OLEDs, Densitron, comments, “We are observing an increasing demand for touch functionality from the display products we offer. These OLED displays are much more aesthetically pleasing, and with their slim design and integrated cover lens, they dramatically enhance end user options for the final solutions they are providing.”

He continues, “The dimensions are ideal for 1U rack mount solutions which many broadcasting and audio applications utilise. The in-built touch functionality removes the necessity for any physical switch, so the overall design is far more pleasing to the end user, in line with many consumer products that we are all familiar with. This also means that these products are a more cost effective option.”

Densitron’s R&D department has been focused on ensuring a high signal to noise ratio for the effective use of gloves and touch pens, while also maintaining low power consumption. The combined use of a low power PCT sensor and emissive display technology is what makes the new range ideal for broadcasting, audio and also medical and handheld applications, where sensitivity, wide viewing angles and compact design are all attractive features.

End users have the option of utilising standard Gasket Tape Bonding, or instead Densitron’s Optical Bonding Service. Optical Bonding between the PCT and OLED enhances sunlight readability, contrast ratio, and removes any concerns surrounding moisture and dirt ingress.

Densitron’s proprietary range of evaluation tools also provides the perfect platform for design engineers to analyse the functionality, and demonstrate the features of the Touch OLED range.


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