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NAB Podcast 2019


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Becky: Hello I'm Becky Taylor here at NAB 2019. And I'd like to thank NAB Show and Broadcast Beat for producing this podcast. Today's guests joining me in the Broadcast Beat podcast studio is Chris Goodall Global Business Director for broadcast and Martyn Gates Global Product Director, and both are from HMI technology experts Densitron. Good morning to both. So, Chris I'm going to start with you. For those listeners not familiar with Densitron can you just briefly explain a little bit about the company?


Chris: Sure of course, Good morning Becky. Densitron has been a provider of products incorporating display technology since the early 70s. At the time we were a small trading company based in London. Here we are 2019, we’re now a global company with offices in Europe, Asia and America. We're a much bigger company than what we were many years ago. We became part of a group of companies called Quixant in 2015 and that's made us a company now with over 200 employees, our turnover is over $100m, we’re a UK based company, we're a public company on the London Stock Exchange. Quixant’s background is in producing, designing and manufacturing X86 based computer systems and adding that to the display technology that we've got it’s really allowed us to move forward with what we're planning and what we're focusing on into the future focusing on the broadcast market and you know what we're doing is bringing products to this market that have been designed specifically for broadcast users and that's been an effort that we've been making over the last I guess 12 months or so. We're now starting to bring those products out and we're starting to excite engineers and business owners that are seeing products and displays that historically they haven't seen and they’re seeing products now that are really going into something that wasn't available to them. So yes it's a big change for Densitron but yet we're focusing on this market and exciting times, really good.


Becky: Brilliant. Martyn, you joined Densitron earlier this year and I know that over the course of your career you have developed a keen interest in haptics and human machine interaction. Tell me about the relevance of this technology in broadcasting?


Martyn: OK, so the relevance really is about a transition that's going to allow human beings to have more senses experienced through the content that broadcasters and film makers provide. So the first hundred years really has been about moving images and sound, we're at a point now with technology, particularly around haptics and tactile, that end-users, viewers and listeners can experience touch alongside pictures and sound. That's what we're going to be working on.


Becky: So how are Densitron integrating this technology across the product range?


Martyn: Okay so the first thing we’ve got to do is interface to the broadcast signals. So we put inside SDI now to sense data, tactile and haptic essence, there’s a SMPTE standard our for that which is SMPTE 2100, and so at the point of creation of the content, we are now capturing sense data, movement, position, force and we can now transport that all the way through the ecosystem and so that viewers can experience that. Where Densitron fits into this is the ability for broadcast operators and engineers to monitor and control monitor and adjust that haptic tactile essence.


Becky: Martyn, you're going to be hosting a live session from the Densitron booth each day of the show at 2PM which is going to look at haptic tactile essence, SMPTE R2100 and multi-modal machine intelligence. Can you tell us more about that?


Martyn: Yeah just very briefly, I've got a conference session on Thursday looking at Tactile and Virtual Applications and this afternoon is just a real overview of that and what it means for the future of content creation and content experience. Tomorrow afternoon is really about looking at one of the popular themes for the last two years and again this year artificial intelligence although I prefer to call it machine learning and how that's impacting on content creation and content processing. And then there's a third session on Wednesday which is a sort of more general look at what the skills that are going to be required, the knowledge topics, for future engineers.


Becky: Chris and Martyn thank you both for joining me today. If you would like to learn more about Densitron then head over to their booth in the North Hall, booth 4515. If you are at the show don’t forget Martyn’s sessions takes place each day of NAB2019 at 2PM live from the booth. If you didn’t make it to NAB this year then you can find more information at Thank you both for joining me in the studio this morning. And thanks again to NAB Show and Broadcast Beat for producing this podcast.


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