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The Genius of IDS


As facilities become more multi-functional, with studios and control rooms being used by different stations and their production teams, Chief Engineers and Specifiers are looking more and more for systems that can be operated by non-technical staff, expanded as requirements dictate whilst reducing operational costs in the process.

In corporate environments IDS brings a dynamic change, streamlining existing processes, eliminating compatibility issues, delivering touch screen control on a global basis. From a corporate perspective, IDS is a totally scalable system architecture that brings technology together with seamless integration. Tate Modern London and The Houses of Parliament are recent installations where IDS completely changed methods of operation resulting high-end levels of speed and efficiency across the board.


IDS is a scalable, network-based display and control system designed specifically for the broadcast industry. It was originally conceived as an alternative solution to the cumbersome and expensive clocks and tally units that were often custom built into broadcast studios and live environments. We realized there was an opportunity for a flexible, network-based solution, capable of delivering that same information and much, much more using off-the-shelf display devices connected and managed via IP.

Since then, IDS has evolved into a sophisticated, modular display and control system that can be tailored to fit any installation. It gives users a powerful toolbox to create bespoke network systems using their own custom-designed information for display and control purposes, enabling them to carry out a range of critical and non-critical operations.

Typical applications include displaying NTP synchronised clocks, broadcast status, station alerts, branded and mixed media content, serial and IP interfacing with control devices, GPIO expansion, tally interfacing, dynamic noise level monitoring, control of remote IR devices, DMX lighting and production timers. All of this and more over Ethernet.

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Innovative. Scalable. Breathtaking.


There is simply nothing like IDS and a key strength is its scalable system architecture, making the perfect building block for any system. It integrates with essential broadcast equipment and interfaces with third party control and playout systems. This is important as specifiers can be sure that they are buying future-proof adaptability, and continue to choose equipment based on suitability and functionality eliminating compatibility headaches.

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IDS Architecture


Consisting of dedicated software and hardware devices that use a standard TCP/IP backbone, IDS can be scaled to suit any installation. At the heart of the system is IDS Core, our configuration software that provides easy access to management and workflow changes. Attached to your IDS network are a variety of IDS hardware devices that provide specific functionality and resilience.




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Why Densitron?


We take a full-service consultative approach to all our customer needs giving you access to our highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers to help you overcome any technical challenges that arise during product conceptualisation, design, manufacture or installation. We can supply and customise everything for you, from the embedded boards and associated software, to the displays, tooling and mounting kits and more, further reducing development time and accelerating time to market.anchor plugin

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We continually invest

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Our technical support

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We have over 43 years

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Consultative Approach

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Why Densitron?

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