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Densitron to Showcase Latest Innovations for Rack, Mixing Desk and Studio

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Launched, earlier this year, its UReady™ TFT rackmount display range for easy integration into 1U and 2U rackmount will be extended to include a 3U option. Designed to bring smartphone quality optical performance to rack systems the range delivers around twice the resolution of those of similar size currently on the market.


New features such as a mechanical touch button – a mechanical button integrated with PCT touch technology – will be demonstrated at the show. This makes it easier for operators to ‘feel’ the correct area of the display without having to look at the screen continuously and eliminating any ambiguity as to whether they have pushed the button or not.


1U rackmount displays include the UReady™16600, a 6.6” display with unprecedented 222 ppi resolution and a smaller 4.3” display with a very wide viewing angle. 2U rackmount displays include the UReady™ 29000T slimline extended display which allows for the inclusion of buttons and switches and the 28000T incorporating the latest in PCT and IPS technologies.


For the mixing desk or control room zone, Denistron is showcasing a range of open frame monitors including three new sizes of bar-cut TFT displays, designed to make the most efficient use of the limited space at mixing desks without compromising on resolution.


Featuring the latest touchscreen functionality, these monitors offer equipment manufacturers exceptional functionality as the can standalone, be wall mounted or rotated according to sight lines.


These monitors also benefit from a new colour matching system, recently introduced at Densitron’s Taiwan facility. This ensures that all monitors consistently display the same tone, depth and contrast, offering the highest level of user experience. In addition, this area will demonstrate Densitron’s in-house designed, fanless x86 PC systems for high performance in a quiet control room environment.


Densitron will, once again, be sharing its stand with its partner, IPE technologies, the designer and provider of hardware and software solutions to major global broadcasters. The two companies are working closely on projects and will be showcasing IPE’s IDS systems integrated into Densitron’s bar-cut monitors.


“Over the past 12 months, Densitron has gone from introducing prototypes to the market to now being able to showcase real production models, after gaining crucial feedback and listening to market demands,” said Chris Goodhall, Densitron’s global business development director – broadcast. “By investing in the development of original touch and display technologies at our production facility in Taiwan, as well as our partner relationships, we are continuing to address gaps in the market and create products that give operators a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Innovations include mechanical and haptic touch button technology and smartphone-quality optics to ensure our solutions meet the latest demands of the sector.”


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