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Surgery and trauma rooms experience some of the most intricate and demanding operations within healthcare, and the demands on technology are constantly being pushed. Technology plays a significant part in ensuring best practices and processes are followed and delivered. Medical staff working in these environments need ways of simplifying workflows, removing the dependency on complicated systems and generating more time to perform their critical tasks.

The Challenge

Working in these sterile and high-pressure environments means there's no margin for error. Space is at a premium, and cumbersome equipment can't be tolerated. The operating theatre is crammed with technology designed to save lives and perform clinical procedures. Solutions implemented must be discreet, robust, reliable, and simple to use. This technology must be precise and allow any healthcare worker to trust in its operation.

The operating theatre is crammed with technology designed to save lives and perform clinical procedures. Solutions implemented must be discreet, robust, reliable, and simple to use

Our Solution

By teaming up with market leaders, Polecam and their innovative camera elevation products, Densitron were able to create a solution which exceeded any expectation. Polecam has revolutionised how medical procedures are filmed and recorded, so when combined with our intuitive control system (IDS), it has given new levels of flexibility that never used to exist. Quick to set up, easy to relocate, simple to use and offers great versatility through its design and ergonomics. It is the perfect system for providing a flexible 4k and/or HD platform for medical theatre applications.

The addition of IDS to Polecam now allows operations to be filmed from a remote location, removing the requirement for healthcare workers to operate the camera directly. The ability to remove the camera control from an operating theatre has opened many new opportunities for the hospital. Consultants can watch junior surgeons perform operations and offer live guidance from outside the theatre, medical procedures can be filmed and streamed to lecture theatres and teaching hospitals or for legal elements, and IDS can assist in filming operations for any compliance requirements.

The IDS control solution provides integration with the Polecam and the more recent AutoPod+. The introduction of control through IDS on the AutoPod+ allows even great flexibility and depth of use. Think of the plus as a replacement for a cameraman it's a lightweight, ethernet-controlled system that can be used in multiple applications and locations. With a PTZ camera attached to one or multiple legs, the ability to film from non-intrusive vantage points allows a degree of flexibility not delivered by other systems. If there is a requirement to use either solution in another theatre, for training or in an auditorium, simply wheel it to the new location, plug it in and have a fully controlled motorises camera solution in an instance.

In many cases, IDS simplifies the complicated with this solution, and IDS is helping to positively impact the work of the under-pressure medical workers.

Dominic Slade, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon: "Whether you are a teaching hospital or a medical device company, the Polecam Medical System is the only way to simply and effectively acquire video footage for training, sales and marketing support."

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