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Your Challenge

The process of developing new products or systems is highly complex and fraught with risks. Managing many different providers is very time-consuming and frequently leads to overbudget development costs, a lack of ownership for problems and delays to product launches. 

Densitron As Your Solution

Through ODM, Densitron provides a full spectrum of proven expertise so that you can outsource all (or parts) of your product lifecycle to us. This allows you to focus on what your customers want and how to differentiate yourselves from competitors.

Getting You to Market Faster

Working with Densitron as your ODM partner gets you to market faster, helping to keep your organization focussed on its core capabilities.

Densitron cost-effectively provides the design and engineering expertise, supply chain management and manufacturing capability necessary to create and deliver your new product ready for customer launch.

Densitron’s Patented Design

One of the areas which differentiates Densitron as an ODM is that we actively invest in our own innovation, which includes exclusive, patented IP. At Densitron we give you access to our IP and recommend how this can be incorporated into your product design.

This allows us to take your products to the next level.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Control

From a supply chain perspective, we manage all the component stock, buffering high risk, long lead time components where we see risks.  As we have undertaken the design, we can proactively redesign for problem components if availability issues occur.

Experience at the Highest Level

With the combination of over 50 years of experience, portfolio of innovative and patented IP, global design and support capability, extensive supply chain and manufacturing capability, global brands such as BBC, CNN, ESA, House of Parliament to name a few trust Densitron’s expertise.

Assembly Locations Across the Globe

The assembly of the designs we develop takes place at our global design and manufacturing ‘centres of excellence’. This allows us to manage everything for you. We can move between assembly locations when needed and carry out ‘dual tool’ for critical items whenever necessary. 

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