Bringing professional quality control to your studio



The only independent desktop control surface with a powerful onboard processor, and with configurable high-definition buttons all powered by POE+.



ProDeck combines powerful embedded computer technology with the latest tactile touchscreen interface to put you in complete control of the broadcast, inspiring your creativity and producing stunning results.

Bring your vision to life

ProDeck can be fully customised with your favoured choice of LINUX or Windows applications and has the power to seamlessly switch between heavyweight tasks, such as content streaming and multimedia editing.

One cable, one connection

ProDeck is powered with a single Ethernet cable for easy installation and cost effective operation. Simply plug into your network and you're ready to get to work.

Feel don’t just touch

ProDeck features the latest in tactile touchscreen technology, with each of its fully customisable buttons precision engineered to emulate real-life buttons, enabling you to switch between Apps while continuing to focus on your work

Smart buttons

The dual-purpose buttons on the ProDeck do not only function as controls, they also provide real-time video previews, enabling you to accurately identify and easily switch between Apps.

ProDeck and ProDeck Touch

With each of our products, you can take your broadcast production control to the next level!

Our standalone desk mounted control surface with 40 transparent buttons and a high-resolution interface to compliment a range of operational environments

All of the capabilities of our 40 button model with added touch screen technology, allowing you to touch, swipe, pinch, scroll and more

The next generation of broadcast production control

The next generation of broadcast production control


High resolution

8" 1280 x 800 IPS display


transparent buttons working on a touch input

ethernet connected

with PoE+


Linux based operating system

Cross compiling with ASE, easy to implement GUI

QT creator

application for GUI


One cable, one connection

Windows 11

on request



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