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Identifying the Need for Change

Houses of Worship strive to create ever more immersive worship experiences for their congregations.

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Incorporating ‘Physical’ with ‘Virtual’

The worship experience extends beyond a single Sanctuary, incorporating online streaming of services as well as connections between different campuses and Sanctuaries.

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Futureproofing your Service

To achieve this, Houses of Worship utilise ever more complex professional-grade broadcast hardware and software.

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Refining your Technology

Creating these immersive worship experiences is artistically and technically challenging, especially when many HoWrely on the contributions of volunteers or staff who are not full-time.

Why IDS?

Simplifying the way you run your broadcast technology

With our simple, touch-screen interfaces, your complex broadcast systems can be controlled by non-technical experts. This reduces pressure on staff at the church, whilst releasing your technical experts to focus on creating even bigger and better worship experiences.

Display in more places

From a single control point, you can send information from any system to anywhere in the campus (or even other campuses).For example, switching all the monitors in your reception area to show the live service feed, then returning them to show schedule information once the service has ended.

Bringing ‘back of house’ to ‘front of house’

With complete control of your system, much of what goes on behind the scenes can come front of house. For example, a pastor could control complex workflows with the click of a button, or the team who would normally be ‘back of house’ can control the broadcast whilst also being part of the service themselves.

Save cost and time

By controlling all of your equipment from one place, you can do more with it, reducing the need to upgrade. Your team have more time to spend on more important tasks and you can spend less on technical support.



Product Focus

The IDS Multi-Touchscreen provides a handy and ergonomic user interface to control remote equipment over your IDS network while its powerful display processor delivers all the information and alerts you need to keep your broadcasts running smoothly. Our interactive display is an high contrast and high resolution IPS TFT with 1200 x 1920 resolution.

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