Densitron Announces New Technology Partnership with Polecam

The medical market is the initial target for a new solution that combines IP-based control and display technology from Densitron with Polecam's AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras.

KENT, UK, 28 September 2020: Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced the formation of a new long-term technology partnership with specialist cameras and accessories manufacturer Polecam. The two companies will seek opportunities in the medical market and elsewhere for a versatile integration of Densitron's IDS (Intelligent Display System) solution with Polecam's AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras and lighting systems.

In combination, the two systems provide a powerful solution for filming, monitoring and displaying critical operations and other procedures in hospitals and medical centres. A popular choice for other applications as diverse as live music, motor racing and professional golf broadcast, the AutoPod+ is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit featuring up to three motorised legs that are ideally suited to the demanding capture requirements of the medical market. In a deployment with Densitron's IDS solution, it allows systems, including PTZ cameras and DMX-controlled lighting, to be precisely positioned, controlled and adjusted. The IDS solution can also be integrated into a medical centre's wider AV infrastructure to allow images to be routed to other operational areas - for instance, rendering it unnecessary for some personnel to scrub up in order to check on the progress of an operation - and to educational theatres and training facilities.

a versatile integration of Densitron's IDS (Intelligent Display System) solution with Polecam's AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras and lighting systems.

Reuben Such, Global Business Development Director at Densitron, explains that the partnership has evolved out of a "growing awareness of the synergy between the two companies, and the steady increase in demand for IP-based capture, control and monitoring in various medical applications. Through conversations between myself and Polecam founder/owner Steffan Hewitt, it became clear that the combination of IDS and their AutoPod+ unit would give medical staff the ability to capture precisely the footage they require and then have it be viewable on monitors around a facility. The result is a powerful solution that can be used easily by medical staff with a minimum of training."

A major showcase project is expected to take place at a UK hospital during the next few months. But although the medical market will be the initial primary target for the partnership, Steffan Hewitt anticipates plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

"Medical is absolutely a core market for Polecam, and I know from conversations that have already taken place that this sort of combined capture, control and monitoring solution will resonate strongly there," he confirms. "But I think that there are many other potential applications for this solution - including for the coverage of live music events in smaller venues, once concerts are able to resume, and capture of sports events for streaming services - and we look forward to exploring those with Densitron in the future."

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