TFT Medical Displays To Consider For Your Next Project 

If there is ever an industry where reliable display technology is critical to operations, then it’s the medical and scientific industry. With the correct HMI solution, the device can dramatically improve the positive user experience.

Creating the product has always been a challenge, but sourcing high-quality components can be an even greater challenge. Ensuring you design a display HMI that meets your technical and end user requirements, whilst additionally taking care that the display is available for the long term is pivotal.  

Are you and your team looking at TFT display solutions for your new or existing devices? Read on for some of our top tips to consider and products to review in various different medical display device sub sections.   

🔍 Monitoring Medical Devices

Any medical device needs a thorough examination of the end user requirements in order to help the hardware designer have a solution that elevates an user experience.

There are a myriad of technologies that are available within the  TFT section of displays. Among these, In-Plane Switching (IPS) stands out for wide viewing angles and crisp colour precision. At a glance, A TFT IPS has a long-life backlight (100khrs), has a super high contrast 1200:1 and has a high brightness of up to 1500 nits. These are available in sizes from 2.4”.  

These medical devices are used in a diverse array of environments, so the super high contrast and the long-life backlight can be critical for high pressure situations that ambulance or rescue teams regularly find themselves in. 

🔍Endoscopic Medical Devices

The broad spectrum of endoscopic devices needs bespoke HMI solutions addressing their individual requirements. For instance, research has shown that video laryngoscope reduces rates of failed intubation when compared to direct laparoscopy.

Rugged TFT IPS panels which have longer backlight lifetime of up to 100khrs, with no zero pixel defects options could be an ideal solution for these endoscopic devices, These are available in sizes between 4.3” to 10.1”.

The zero pixel defect option can be pivotal for this medical area. Detail visualization of small blood vessels and other miniature anatomical details during endoscopy procedure is crucial for patient safety, accurate diagnosis, and possible in-situ treatment.

Sourcing components can be fraught with issues, whether it is the changing prices, the lack of communication from you supplier, shipment challenges or maintaining supply to a quality standard agreed. Densitron removes these challenges and take care of the risks that you would normally have to face.   

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