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IDS is a fully scalable and flexible signage solution that provides clear and concise visualisation of processes and branding right across a facility, as well as, camera and lighting control, plus many other functions.

In short, IDS simplifies the complicated by eliminating many of the pinch points commonly associated with studio set-ups, information display, and control.

Shah concluded, “We’ve received great feedback since deploying IDS. The multiple tasks of the studio manager have significantly decreased, which has enhanced efficiency and made certain tasks less prone to error. The entire production team are absolutely delighted with the IDS upgrade which brings a breath of fresh air to working protocols”.


Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (MTA) is a global satellite TV network consisting of four international channels run and funded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and is the primary source of media for that community worldwide. With the majority of staff being volunteers from different backgrounds that may not have the precise skill sets needed for technical setup, MTA needed a system that could simplify and automate its studio setup.

IDS simplifies the complicated by eliminating many of the pinch points commonly associated with studio set-ups, information display, and control


MTA International Production’s Jahangir Shah said, “With IDS, we can create pre-sets for all shows and trigger them from a simple IDS touchscreen enabling any user to instantly set up the studio for the programme. Streamlining tedious tasks like switching on TVs, setting lights, studio lights, and playing the correct graphics on the TVs - all now done with the press of a button. This saves us a significant amount of time, which the production team now use to plan and rehearse.

“The sleek design of the IDS signage system is now installed in our studios and offices to provide a clear visual of clocks, tally, notices and schedules for presenters and crew”.


MTA requested a system that had a simple front-end interface, which even inexperienced users could interact with, giving them the ability to easily set up the studio for different programmes. For the back end, MTA needed a system that could, for example, communicate with the lighting desk and recall pre-sets, control on-set TVs to select the correct inputs, trigger tally lights, run production timers, drive video loops for the studio TVs and other items.

The IDS Remora was installed. A powerful display processor capable of displaying a single HD 1080P video stream. A series of IDS TS4 touchscreens for IDS network control, information, and alerts. IDS SQuid 3, a 1RU device that provides industry-standard interfaces for I/O expansion and a custom UDP driver to integrate with MTAs lighting desk.

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